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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Folly Beach among first recipients of oxygen masks for pet rescues
By Chris Wilkerson

“My inspiration comes from my love of animals,” Janet Fincannon says simply. A recent newspaper article made Janet realize that there was such a thing as oxygen masks for pets that could be used in rescues.
In the event of a fire dogs and cats trapped inside of a house do not always have the same ability to flee as a human might. Regardless, they are just as susceptible to smoke inhalation as a person anyway. A survivor usually requires the use of an oxygen mask to recover directly after being pulled from the disaster. These masks are made to fit a person’s face and don’t work.
While these pet masks are readily available, Janet realized that our local Charleston area Fire Departments did not have any. “Instead of being sad or upset about it, I decided to do something about,” she said. That’s how the campaign began. She set up a business account and began the arduous task of trying to raise money which she would use to purchase the pet masks for the Fire Departments. She developed a logo and a website. Soon after, the Invisible Fence company learned of her effort and wanted to be a corporate sponsor, she says. They have previously been involved with similar pet mask programs and have offered to match all donations she receives up to $3,000. “I was really excited about this. It meant double the amount of masks for the donations I receive!”
On November 9, Janet was able to make the first donation of pet oxygen masks to local fire departments which included Folly Beach.  As a result, the Folly Beach Public Safety Department is now equipped with a set of masks which includes three different sizes for the various sizes in which our furry friends and companions come.

Local woman Janet Fincannon is on a mission to save pets in fire emergencies and is starting with Folly Beach
Janet wants to stress that all donations are used for the purchase of pet oxygen masks. Any expenses incurred such as the website, stamps, business cards or anything else come straight from her own pocket. “I would like to thank all donors, past and future, and let everyone know that every donation, no matter how large or small, is appreciated.” Her goal is to continue provide pet oxygen masks, with your help, until every fire department in the United States has a set. “This is not something anyone can be against. Who would not want to have the opportunity to help save a pet’s life,” she says. Thanks to her work and the selfless donations of fellow animal lovers, Folly Beach’s Fire Engine 1 is now equipped with pet oxygen masks that could save the life of your dog or cat in the event of an emergency. If you would like to join Janet in her cause and donate money for the purchase of pet oxygen masks or just to learn more, visit her website at: www.oxygenmasks4pets.org.
Below is a facsimile of an article published by The Folly Current, Folly Beach, SC.   My thanks to Chris Wilkerson and to Ali for this article.  The more people that know about my website, the more donations, the more masks, the more pets' lives saved!  Please help pass the word!
"The Pet's Life Saved May Be Your Own"