*NOTE - Mask Kits do not contain the Oxygen Tanks 
or the Oxygen

Click here for Guidelines of Pet Oxygen Mask Use - PDF Format

Click here for You Tube Tutorials on use of Pet Oxygen Masks

Printable Flyer
ASPCA: Overheating Kills
Animal Legal Defense Fund - Dogs in Hot Cars - Take ACTION!
American Veterinary Medical Association - Hot Cars and Loose Pets
The Humane Society of the US- Keep Pets Safe in the Heat
About.com Veterinary Medicine- Dogs Left In Cars - Risk of Heat Stroke on Warm Days
RSPCA: Dogs Die in Hot Cars
ASPCA - 10 Ways to Send the Message-No Pets In Hot Cars

Links to order supplies direct: 

WagN Pet Safety Gear - this site contains some excellent information
Pets America

Safety Stickers/Window Decals let the Fire Department 
know you have pets inside.  These stickers are available
from many different outlets (some links below) as well 
as your local pet store. An example of one type of sticker
is shown on the right.     >>>>   >>>>   >>>>   >>>>>

Pet Safety Pack (ASPCA)
Safety Central

This Home Advice Guide for Pet Safety was sent by Stefanos Anastasiad.  His best friend's house caught on fire and claimed the life of thier dog.  Hopefylly, these tips will help prevent this tragedy for others. Thanks to Stefanos.

All Kinds of Pet Tips: (The inclusion of the links on this page does not necessarily create an endorsement by Oxygen Masks for Pets.)

Fire Safety Prevention and Preparedness for Pet Owners
Fire Detection and Safety
Carbon Monoxide Detection
Helping Community Cats
Traveling With Pets  (Thanks to Kaylie in Ms. Pawlicki's class for sharing this!)
More Traveling With Pets (Thanks to Mary and her Mom, Celeste!)

Moving with your Pets:

All About Pet Trusts - Plan for the Care of your Pet after you Die
A Guide to Pet Bereavement-What to Expect After the Loss of a Loved One
Pet Insurance Made Easy - Great Consumer Information
Types of Assistance Dogs
Help with Veterinary Bills
Pet Insurance Reviews -2020
Successfully Adopting a Rescue Dog
Introducing Dogs, Cats to Cats, Dogs, etc.
Toxic Foods and Plants for Cats
10 Barbecue Foods Dangerous for Pets
27 Toxic Foods for Dogs
Cleaning Tips: Pets and Humans in the Home (Thanks to Alyssa Collins' Girl Scouts!)
Car Ride Safety for Pets (Thanks to Fran Jay, and her Dog Obedience School)
Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Pets
Safe Driving with Dogs (Thanks to Andrews and his group, teens4safety.com)
How to Keep Your Pets Safe in the Car
Why You Should Go on a Solo Road Trip with your Dog
Emergency Planning for Pets
ASPCA Disaster Preparedness
Protect your Pet from Natural Disasters
10 Steps to Prepare Your Pet for a Natural Disaster
Pet Disaster Preparedness
Pet CPR (Thanks to Dr. Mary Williams)
Big Tobacco and Animal Testing/Cigarette Smoke (Thanks, Brooke!)
Stop Smoking -  For Your Health and for Your Pet's Health
Pets, Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelimoa
The Benefits of Adopting a Companion Animal While in Addiction Recovery
Animal Assisted Drug Therapy
Skin Care Products and Animal Testing
Pet Hiking Safety Tips
12 Pet-Friendly National Parks
20 most Dog-friendly Cities - 2019
Keep your Dog Safe in Summer
Keeping Pets Cool and Calm on  a Hot Day
Guide to Flying with Pets
Pet-Proofing: Keeping your Home & Yard Safe for Dogs or Cats
4 Life-Threatening Pet Dangers Lurking in your Backyard
Dealing with Bug Bites and Bee Stings on your Dog
Summer Weather for Your Cat
Dog Water Safety
Pet Safety Tips - At Home and Away
Traveling with your Pet
Pet Safety Around Construction, Renovation, etc.
Pet Safety Around the Home
Keeping Pets Safe in the Home
Building a Home for your Pampered Pet
A Complete Guide to Pet-proofing your home
Storing Chemicals and Allergens Safely for your Pet
Pet Safe House Plants
Is your Yard Safe for your Pet?
Dog Tip: Household Hazards, Poisons, and Safety
Help for your Scared or Nervous Cat
The Cost of Owning a Cat
Cat Health and Cat Care
When to Call the Vet - Be Aware of These Symptoms
How to Keep Pets Safe in Cold Weather
The Basics of Feeding Your Cat
The Ultimate Puppy-Feeding Guide
Perfecting Your Dog's Manners - A Guide to Mastering Public Etiquette from Home
10 Tips for Taking your Canine Companion out in Public
7 Easy Ways to Train a Dog to Get Along with Other Dogs
Outdoor Adventures for You and Your Pet, Where, What and How to Stay Safe
Should I Bring my Dog Hiking and/or Camping?
How Much Exercise Does your Dog Need?
How to Modify your Home for an Elderly Pet
Dog Food Expose
Best Dog Food - Choosing what is Right for Your Dog
Choosing the Best Diet Dog Food
Unsafe Cat Toys
Dog Toys: How to Pick the Best and Safest
Pet Cost Calculator
Checklist of Documents for Pet Ownership
Tips for new dog owners
    Bringing a new dog home
    Tips for the first 30 days of dog adoption
    Top 10 mistakes new dog owners make
    10 Essential Things to do with new puppy in first 10 days
Is your State Pet Friendly?
Benefits of Pets for Children
Assistance Dog Resources
Shopping Green for Your Pet
Foster a Service Dog
Assistance Dog Resources - Autism Speaks
Help with Pet Veterinary Costs
VA Benefits for Service Dogs
The Healing Power of Pets for the Elderly
Helping the Elderly with Pet Care
How to Afford Animal-Assisted Therapy

PDF Articles

To all donors, rescue personnel, animal lovers, and friends:

Since starting this organization in November 2009, I have met many people I will never forget.  I am grateful to all donors who have made my endeavor a success.  I am eternally grateful, as well, to all rescue personnel who have saved and continue to save so many pets, the reason for Oxygen Masks for Pets.  Since beginning this mission, with the help of the many generous donors, countless lives have been saved by the donation of 262 Oxygen Mask Kits to 124 Fire Departments.  (Quite a few departments received more than on oxygen mask kit.)  

For newcomers to this site or to refresh memories:   I created this site to educate those who may not know about oxygen masks made especially for pets and to raise funds to purchase them.  When rescue personnel find an unconscious animal, a typical (human) oxygen mask will not work. This is because due to the smaller faces of animals, the mask cannot form a good suction on the face of the animal.  Therefore, smaller oxygen masks are needed.  It was, and still is my hope that all firetrucks and other rescue vehicles in America have pet oxygen masks available.  Due to economics and lack of knowledge, not all organizations needing the masks have them.  My non-profit mission was to raise funds for  organizations in need of oxygen masks for pets.   After over 10 years, my mission was accomplished.  At the beginning, many requests for pet masks were received; many donations were received as well.  However, requests and donations have almost ceased.  Therefore, I am closing the organization.   Donors and supporters will be happy to know that all funds donated were exhausted to purchase the final pet masks kits.

The supplier of the pet oxygen masks was Wagn02 Fur Life.  I am grateful for the service provided by Ines, who runs that fine organization.  
If you still would like to donate to the cause of pet oxygen masks or 
WagN has set up a program to help. Click here.