Here is an actual email* I received from someone who had 2 dogs that were rescued from a burning home.  Firefighters administered oxygen with pet oxygen masks and the dogs were revived. This is very heartwarming and shows that fires can happen to anyone.  It is an excellent reason to support/DONATE to Oxygen Masks For Pets.

  Hello, my name is Megan and I had a house fire on October 27, 2010. My 2 dogs, Odell and Ophelia were in the house and had to pulled out by the firefighters. They were unconscious and unresponsive. With the help and courage of the firefighters of Engines 110, 112 and 116 and with the donation of the masks,  my dogs started breathing again!! It was the closet thing to a miracle that has ever happened to me! Odell and Ophelia have bounced back 100% and are as happy as ever, as am I.

  I got your contact information to tell you my story and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I truly believe that the donations of the O2 masks to the Charleston area fire departments is the reason my dogs are here today. I cannot express how I felt that day when I thought I was going to lose them! But I did not and that is all that matters. Because of this I would like to contribute to the cause so I can help another dog and dog lover. If you could please send me in the right direction to donate to your wonderful cause I would greatly appreciate it.

  I have attached a picture of them and they say "thank you" too!!

                                       Thank You,

*- I did ask and received information from Megan to include the email on this website. She is so grateful that her dogs were saved that she was happy to do anything that might help this cause.  Blessings and Thanks to Megan, her family and Odell and Ophelia!  Thanks for sharing your story, Megan!
Odell and Ophelia were saved by pet oxygen masks!